Wine Trail, Beer Trail … Now Cider Trail Too!

Lots of folks from the DC area, Richmond and the “Beach” (as in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake) know about Charlottesville’s wine scene embodied in the 24 to 25 wineries known as the Monticello Wine Trail (  More and more, Charlottesville and surrounds are coming to be known for the craft brewery scene embodied in the five breweries known as the Brew Ridge Trail (  But there is another art of fermentation … this one dealing with apples … that is creating the potential for a cider trail as well.  Albemarle Cider Works in North Garden ( has been open for a couple years, and is now joined by Castle Hill Cider in Keswick (  By December Bold Rock Cidery in Nelson is projected to begin production, making yet a third option for true Virginia Cider.  So if wine is not your thing … or if you have visited the entire Monticello Wine Trail … start visiting the local beer and cider operations.  You will be richly rewarded! 

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