Montpelier During the Civil War

On April 21st you have the unique opportunity to watch reenactors rebuild the huts occupied by Confederate General Samuel McGowan’s South Carolinians during the winter of 1863-1864.  The original encampment, and the reenactment, will be held at Montpelier, the home of James Madison, just 25 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn.  If you are interested please visit to find out more. 

While visiting the web site, be sure to check out the many new Special Interest Tours Montpelier is introducing this spring.  Here are some tour titles just to whet your interest:

“The Constitution Tour”

“The Montpelier Enslaved Community”

“Montpelier Garden and Grounds”

“The Journey From Slavery to Freedom”

“Meet the Madison’s: In-depth Mansion Tour

“In the Ground and in the Lab:  Special Tour with Archaeologists

“Let it be Red:  Behind -the-Scenes with the Curators”

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