Bike, Hike, Canoe … and Wine. Within 15 minutes of Cedar Spring Inn

Sometimes we forget the natural beauty that is closest to home.  Of course, we have 2 miles of hiking trails on our own property, a spring-fed stream and the beauty of the mountains in the distance.  But just 7 miles from here is Chris Greene Lake, a beautiful county park of 239 acres including 53 water acres and 2 beach acres.  The park is spectacular this spring for hiking or biking the 3 miles of trails or fishing off the fishing pier or from a canoe.  Canoe rental is $5.00/hour; fishing does require a Virginia State Fishing License.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can swim from 11:00am until 7:00pm in the lake (if you prefer that to our pool).

Another nearby option is the newly opened Preddy Creek Park just 4.5 miles from Cedar Spring Inn.  This Albemarle County park was opened last year and encompasses 571 acres with 8.6 miles of trails for hiking, running, mountain biking or horseback riding. 

Not far from Preddy Creek are two vineyards, one of the oldest in Virginia (Burnley, family owned and operated since 1977, just 3.8 miles from Preddy Creek) and one of the newest (Reynard Florence, family owned and operated since 2011, 4.9 miles from Preddy Creek).  

To check out the parks go to; under Departments and Services click on Parks and Recreation.  To find out more about the wineries go to or, or check out all local wineries at    

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